Reason for why Locus Campus School Started

When Engineer’s belongs to their soil, always think about betterment of our country.We already knows that education is the only way to make our society best.Best way to start a education system is our villages that required more attention.

Locus Campus School is a Social part of Locus Classes, who is devoted for Engineers govt. Job preparation, Means highly educated team is working for Locus campus school.

School is the only place on earth where kids learn everything in Discipline manners.Locus campus school is completely devoted for students complete mental and physical growth. 

A team comes together with some dreams that they want with their hardwork. Locus campus School created a team of Engineers from different part of India. They are together because their dreams are same. Our Team Day night think about what will be the best way and New ways to train our students for different career options since day 1.

Founder & Director
Mr. R K Mishra

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